I have suffered from hip and leg pain ever since my knee replacement in 2013. In mid-2016, I broke my femur in the same leg.  Walking was painful and difficult, even after many physical therapy sessions.  When a friend with a history of hip pain told me how successful acupuncture with Ben Townsend was in addressing her pain, I thought “what can it hurt to try.”  I was under the impression that Ben just would focus on my leg.  Wrong!  His thorough examination of my entire medical history brought to light other issues I have.  I found that acupuncture can help with digestive issues.  Ben’s professional knowledge and attention to the smallest things have made a difference in my life.  After eight treatments, I  have no pain in my hip, leg, or knee and my digestive issues are completely resolved.  I feel that Ben is interested in my well-being, and treats me as such.  I, now, am a believer in acupuncture, and would highly recommend Townsend Acupuncture.


Carol S.

I was referred to Townsend Acupuncture from the the VA health system- and was skeptical about whether or not I could be helped. Ben really listened to me and took his time, a luxury veterans do not often get. Within 4 visits I felt less anxiety and my chronic pain became tolerable. Acupuncture should not be a last resort- it should be a first solution… I realize that for veterans..it is scary to try new things, this is a place that is sensitive to my situation. I can honestly say I feel better for the experience.


Liz. F.

I would like to take a moment to highly recommend Townsend Acupuncture & Family Wellness &Holistic Medicine in Raleigh, NC. After a very sudden and severe onset of piraformis syndrome which left me in acute and debilitating pain, I was referred to Ben by a colleague of his in Asheville, NC. I believe this condition was building for some time in my right leg and sciatic nerve and didn’t know where to go or what to do!

My husband and I decided that we would try a more holistic approach to healing  rather than go the typical route of western medicine which would have included MRI’s, CT scans, cortisone injections and heavy medications in which I had no faith.We quickly contacted  Ben Townsend and we found him very positive, compassionate and encouraging. He was optimistic and  felt that he could help me achieve good  results and he was pleased that his treatments would begin so soon after the onset of my condition. We opted to begin with 6 sessions in hopes of some much needed relief.

Unable to walk or sit, I was unable to work.  Even sleep was very difficult the first few nights, but much to my amazement my pain was so much better after just the first treatment! It was very apparent that we had made the right decision to pursue my healing through acupuncture. Each session brought continued success and progress. I must say Ben was gentle, caring, and took an amazing amount of time teaching, encouraging, and getting to know me as a patient. His compassion, professionalism,  and caring far exceeded anything I have experienced to date.  He treated my condition and not just my symptoms!

I am back to work after only 6 treatments and less than 3 weeks! The speed with which my body responded to this therapy was really amazing to me.  I will be forever thankful for the encouragement of my daughter to seek out a compassionate, professional acupuncturist and her recommendation to Townsend Acupuncture and Family Wellness.

I plan to continue as a patient in the future for wellness care and maintaining optimal health. I am a believer in acupuncture now and highly recommend it.


P Graham

I began having stomach problems in August ’13.  Nausea, dry heaves, and vomiting took over my life.  The symptoms worsened over the course of 11 months and I began to experience pain in my neck, shoulder, and back and tingling in my arm.  I reached the point where I couldn’t afford to lose any more weight and was considering a feeding tube as my next step.

The doctors I saw thoughout that time span prescribed many medications.  Of all the ones they prescribed, I tried 6 different PPIs, Zofran, Promethazine, Bentyl, Carafate, and Questran.  Not one of the medications relieved any of my symptoms.  The tests I had done included: upper endoscopy with biopsies, abodomen ultrasound, HIDA scan, gastric emptying study and CT scan with contrast.

I became increasingly frustrated with my doctors when they looked at me and said they didn’t know what was wrong, suggested further testing, more medication, and made referrals to specialists that didn’t have any appointments available for months.

At the time I didn’t know much about acupuncture.  I only knew that I needed to take a new course of action.  It turned out to the the best decision I made. After about a month of weekly treatments, I began to get my life back.  Ben was able to diagnose and treat my condition.  I am now off the medications and, aside from occasional shoulder pain, all my symptoms are gone!  He is a compassionate, soulful, and adept practitioner.  My family and I are eternally grateful.


Sharyl K.

I began treatment around October 2014 for chronic back pain after weightlifting and car accident injuries years prior. The chronic pain seemed to flare up monthly and randomly with debilitating results.  After much rest, Ibuprofen, and attempting rehab therapies such as swimming to limit any axial loading, I still had limited results with frequent lumbar disc flare ups of pain. This would limit my activity in the gym as well as at work.

After a referral from a friend I decided to give acupuncture a go, and have found it incredibly beneficial. What I’ve found impressive at Townsend Acupuncture is the level of upfront patient education so as to inform and educate the realistic expectation of results. I personally found effective results after the third treatment, and each treatment, which was about an hour long, has been a professional, informative, and a pleasant experience. They treat the patient as friend and family here, not just a client. It is well apparent that the staff truly cares about the clients total well being, and actively seeks to follow up so as to ensure maximization of total body health.

With years of employment in the Operating Room setting, I personally recommend Townsend Acupuncture as an noninvasive alternative prior to any surgery, or if simply seeking relief of painful symptoms where other conventional modalities have failed. Give it at try, give it time, and you will be impressed.


Jesse D.

I started seeing Ben in July of 2014 for hip and knee pain. I had been experiencing the problems for about 4 months after overdoing it in an exercise program. It was affecting my ability to participate in exercise classes and causing significant pain when I went on long walks.

I have been seeing Ben weekly ever since and the health benefits have been amazing. Not only are my hip and knee remarkably better, several other health issues have been addressed along the way – frequent urination, hot flashes, headaches, fullness and ringing in the ear, back pain and the list goes on. Ben always takes the time to ask questions and listen to what is going on with my body and then determines the best treatment for that session. He then explains what he is doing and how it relates to the symptoms I am experiencing.

I have learned so much about how the whole body works together and am continually amazed at how much Ben knows. He recommended I start taking Tai Chi and I love it! This has also made a big difference in my overall health – emotional and physical. I was able to stop going to Physical Therapy and stop taking anti-inflammatory medication, because the combination of Ben’s treatments, the herbs he prescribed, recommended diet and lifestyle changes and the Tai Chi have made them unnecessary. I highly recommend going to Ben to make your emotional and physical health the best it can be!


Jill B.

For almost 15 years I have suffered day and night from unexplained, debilitating, mind-altering chronic pain in my feet, legs, arms, hands, and now a place in my neck. I have been to many doctors, and had horrible experiences at pain clinics. So many people don’t believe I have real pain because no one has been able to give me a diagnosis, and I don’t know how to make my family understand how hard it is to carry on any form of life that has fun, happiness, and good thoughts for the future when every waking moment of the day and sleepless night is lived with nail biting pain.

I hate taking drugs! I have children and grandchildren and I do not want to be taking drugs with so many awful side effects.  The best day of  my life was when I was told about Dr. Vijay Patel who sent me to acupuncturist, Ben Townsend. I knew nothing about Chinese Medicine but Ben has been teaching me the reasons for and the great work on your body that acupuncture has.  Body, mind, and soul are all worked on! Thank God my pain has finally been recognized by Dr. Patel and that wonderful man, Ben Townsend. I will never again have to go through the humiliation of being accused of lying about my pain to get drugs.

I am so happy to have met Ben. What a pleasant and friendly office and Ben is caring, kind, cute, and smart as a whip. How can I be so lucky? He has changed my life using needles. I look 10 years younger, I am excited about life, and learning to try new things. My relationship with my husband is better than it has ever been and I have learned to love myself which is one thing I didn’t ever think would happen. I wish I had the words to explain what Ben has done for me though acupuncture. I have a lot of different pains and some remain chronic but others can come and go after a single acupuncture treatment. Not only am I learning to cope better with the pain, I am happy.

Even if you have nothing wrong with you, your whole being will come awake and be enlightened about life, family, spouses, children, work, even sex! I hope to continue acupuncture for many many years. I can hardly wait to see where life leads me and maybe I won’t ever again say out loud, “for God’s sake, help me”


G. Williams

To be honest I thought Acupuncture WAS a lot of hogwash and Tom Foolery. I’m not only hooked but I may just cancel my health insurance all together. A friend made me go for the bursitis in my shoulder, after 1 treatment by Mr Townsend it felt like I never had the injury! Since that happened 6 months ago I’ve seen him multiple times for everything from my many sports injuries to the acute bronchitis he got rid of. All with out dumping antibiotics and muscle relaxers and all that jazz in my system! Professional, friendly service that made me a believer in acupuncture and eastern medicine! Go see him today you won’t be be disappointed!


Paul P.

From when I first met Ben, and had my first session with him, it was very clear how present, observant, inquisitive and whole heartedly invested he is on every level. He certainly took excellent notes but in addition to that I recognize that he would remember little things in a very detailed way, which helped him to tie things together with which I was very impressed by. I have had many acupuncture sessions by a number of therapists, and from very early on it became clear that Ben has an amazing gift with his intuition, precision and having a deep understanding of the holistic aspect of the healing capabilities of acupuncture.

With every session, it confirmed my initial feelings that he was so invested in helping me on every level, even researching things in between visits to better assist in my healing process. I have no doubt that Ben will only continue to grow as an amazing acupuncturist, as that just seems to be part of who he is. Striving to offer more and help in ways that go way beyond what he may be asked of. I am extremely grateful for all of the help that Ben gave to me, and it was quite substantial. He helped me unlock some much deeper patterns and move forward with my healing in some profound ways.


Suzanne P.

My facial renewal experience was wonderful! Ben Townsend is a kind, caring practitioner always concerned with my comfort and well being. The facial renewal is surprisingly effective- I noticed results in the most pronounced lines with the first treatment. Over the course of treatments, others in my life noticed as well- friends and even strangers began to compliment me on my youthful appearance. While appearing youthful and healthy is a main goal of the facial renewal, these treatments go beyond just aesthetics. Ben’s facial diagnosis work helped me understand and address underlying emotions causing the facial tension that contributes to lines. My experience was ultimately transformative in so many ways.

Cara G.

I turned to acupuncture to treat ongoing plantar fasciitis which had not been responding to western medicine alone. Ben’s office is a quiet, peaceful space in which relaxation is achieved with ease. I found Ben to be extremely attentive when documenting my health history and very open to explaining his beliefs in traditional Chinese medicine as well as the theories behind each treatment. He took the time to research different treatment options between my appointments which, in my opinion, reinforced his commitment to me as a patient.

At the onset of my treatments, I found it difficult to walk short to moderate distances without needing to slow my pace or rest, however after a few weeks, I began to notice an increase in distance as well as a decrease in pain, making everyday activities easier to perform. Ben’s attention to whole body wellness in the treatment of my specific pain was an approach I hadn’t experienced in western medicine. Not only were my treatments successful in achieving a marked reduction in pain, a noticeable increase in flexibility and an improved range of motion, my interest in a more integrative approach to my overall healthcare was peaked. I find it easier to be in tune with the present and to remain wholly aware of my well being through nutrition, activity and rest, which I fully credit to these treatments.

I hold no reservation in recommending Townsend Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine for anyone seeking treatment for a specific problem or for those hoping to improve overall balance.

Michelle S.

Through the series of facial renewal treatments I received from Ben Townsend, I gained more than just a more youthful appearance. It was quickly evident that while the focus of the treatments is geared toward minimizing signs of aging, Ben’s holistic approach brought so much more to the treatments. I not only was amazed at how quickly I noticed results, but was so impressed by how much insight he gave me about the underlying reasons for the lines I had developed through the years. I walked away from each treatment empowered by my new knowledge of how my emotions and habits can affect my appearance. After just a handful of treatments, mere acquaintances were commenting on my youthful appearance and healthy skin. The results definitely exceeded my expectations; as did the care, concern, and fastidiousness of this practitioner.

Meg T.